The Rehabilitation Collective has been established to provide high quality, person centred, goal directed and evidence based therapy services for individuals with neurological conditions including traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury, stroke and other neurological conditions. 






Occupational Therapy aims to maximise the independence of the individual in whichever tasks, activities or roles they value, to lead the life they aspire to. 


Acquired brain injury or a neurological condition can affect any one, or combination of domains including motor, cognitive, sensory, perceptual or psychosocial functioning which can impede engagement in valued occupations. 


Through targeted assessment and collaborative goal setting, an individualised intervention plan is established using evidence-based approaches to attain your goals together.  

The Rehabilitation Collective is a registered therapy support provider for the NDIS.


The Rehabilitation Collective is able to offer neurological splinting for management of upper limb issues. 



Consideration can be given to the completion of Occupational Therapy Assessment for medico-legal purposes.

Please contact The Rehabilitation Collective if you would like to know more about any of the above services.



The Rehabilitation Collective has been established to offer high quality, person-centred, goal directed and evidence-based therapy services to individuals with acquired brain injury including traumatic brain injury, hypoxic brain injury, stroke, subarachnoid haemorrhage, encephalitis/meningitis and other neurological conditions.


So why the “Collective”? The Collective acknowledges that building capacity and reaching one’s aspirational potential, whilst living with the lifelong effects of an acquired brain injury or neurological condition requires the collective drive of the individual, their family and friendship support networks, support providers and their therapy team. 

The Rehabilitation Collective is driven by the understanding that if provided with the right opportunity and the right support, at the right time, people living with an acquired brain injury or neurological condition can continue to strive towards their aspirations. 



Carlo Divita 

After graduating from Curtin University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy, Carlo developed his skills and expertise working at Royal Perth Hospital and Fiona Stanley Hospital in the areas of acute neurosurgery and neurology, stroke rehabilitation and acquired brain injury rehabilitation. Most notably across his career he spent six years as a Senior Occupational Therapist on the State Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services unit. 

Carlo went on to complete his Master of Clinical Rehabilitation in Neurological Occupational Therapy, from Flinders University in 2015 and has been recognised for his level of expertise in this area, publishing a research paper and presenting at multiple conferences. He has continued to develop his expertise through continuing professional development and has a range of specialised skills including neurological splinting, assessment and treatment of prolonged disorders of consciousness and standardised occupation-based assessment. Most importantly however, it is the connections he forms with his clients that enables them to reach their potential.

Carlo established The Rehabilitation Collective in 2019 to bring his passion for brain injury rehabilitation into the community setting, to help facilitate people living with acquired brain injury to reach their aspirational potential.  

Sarah Rose 

Sarah graduated from Curtin University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. 

Sarah established her passion in neurological Occupational Therapy working in stroke rehabilitation at Royal Perth Hospital; it was here that she first met Carlo, the Director of The Rehabilitation Collective. After moving to London in 2013, Sarah gained further experience working in Senior Occupational Therapy positions within the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. This included roles in community neurological rehabilitation, early supported discharge, both acute neurosurgery and stroke and stroke and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation. Sarah returned to Perth in 2015 and took up the role of Senior Occupational Therapist on the Neurology inpatient unit of the State Rehabilitation Service at Fiona Stanley Hospital. She joined The Rehabilitation Collective in 2020. 

She has gained her skills and knowledge base working in a broad spectrum of neurology. She has completed post-graduate studies in Neurological Rehabilitation at Edith Cowan University. Sarah’s focus in her work is to connect with people to establish meaningful goals and empower individuals to reach their full capability.

Sarah Thomas 

Sarah joined The Rehabilitation Collective in 2020 after working with clients of all ages in the areas of acquired brain injury, stroke, aged care, orthopaedics, spinal and multi trauma for the past 10 years. 


Sarah first met Carlo, the Director of The Rehabilitation Collective on the State Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit in 2010; shortly after, joining the team as an Occupational Therapy assistant. There, Sarah developed her knowledge and skills over several years. The opportunity to assist people to regain their independence, motivated her to pursue her studies in Occupational Therapy. 


Since completing her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy in 2018, Sarah has worked across the acute and rehabilitation wards at Fiona Stanley Hospital. Her previous and current experiences have enabled her to develop professional relationships built on trust with individuals, their families and co-workers. 


Sarah is passionate about her role as an Occupational Therapist as a means of facilitating people to be able to participate in the activities that are important to them. She believes that taking a holistic approach, allows one’s unique personal attributes shine through; enabling the attainment of positive outcomes and improved health and wellbeing. 




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